Your Consultation

Our objective is to give you the knowledge and support you need to help achieve your goals.

Your initial consultation will take around 90 minutes.

Before your Appointment

In order for you to get the best out of your consultation we give you the consultation forms and food diary when you book your appointment. This means your consultation time isn’t taken up with establishing such things as your name and address, date of birth etc as we will have that when the forms are returned.

When you have completed the forms please return them to Joyce, at the clinic, at least 4 days prior to your appointment time. This allows Joyce to get an initial picture of the issue you wish to address and carry out a computer analysis of the food diary and review the forms in detail. Should the forms arrive late this may result in the appointment being rescheduled.

Your Appointment

During your consultation Joyce may ask you some more questions and you can discuss how to go forward with meeting your goals. You will be given an explanation as to why you may be experiencing the problems you have been experiencing.

All the information you receive will be given to take home via handout sheets and also recipes to take away with you. If you wish to address your needs with the support of supplements then Joyce will advise you as to what may be of best benefit for you.

Supplements can be ordered via the clinic or purchased on the day if already in stock.

Follow Up/Progress monitoring

It is paramount that you will need at least one follow up treatment after a period of between two to four weeks to assess progress, discuss any changes and update or maintain your present plan. Treatment often needs to be done in stages to promote optimal health.

Download pdf for consultation documents: