Food Intolerance Testing

At present, the gold standard of food intolerance testing is the “remove and challenge test” which we can help facilitate. We have clients attending after having paid for tests such as kinesiology, hair mineral analysis and Vega (electrodermal/bioresonance), however, we do not recognise these tests as they have not been scientifically validated. We urge anyone considering these tests to read the Sense about Science guide.

A blood test such as IgG may give an indication that foods in their RAW state (but not when cooked) may be a problem therefore even this test is not 100% reliable which is why a consultation with us is best done first. At present Allergy UK do not endorse any commercial food intolerance test.

Symptoms of food intolerance appear to be wide and varied but these symptoms can be so many other thing too, so it is important to ascertain that nothing else may be causing the problems. A visit to your GP should be considered first.

Often what people think is a food intolerance is more likely to be a problem digesting and/or absorbing the food so before spending good money on tests it is much more important to seek the advice of a well qualified, knowledgable nutrition therapist who should be able to help explore what could be going on. Our therapist is very experienced in the digestive system and has helped many clients back to good digestive health with little more than a consultation and one/two supplements.