See Seaweed! (for FREE)

Ever used Seaweed in your food/diet……interested in trying? Free (yes free!) exhibition at Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh 14th & 15th September. I will definitely be going. Seaweed is a whole food with carbs/protein/good fats and full of vitamins and minerals.

Eggs – No link to Cholesterol levels

Having been brought up on a poultry farm I have always been a big egg eater as were my family. I remember the days of poor science regarding the egg/cholesterol myth and Edwina Currie’s “salmonella scare”. It’s great now to see eggs getting some good press as these are little powerhouses of nutrition. See link. Continue reading »

Great On-line Health Foods

If you have a recipe with an ingredient that is hard to find then try this website

Proper Nutrition Consultation

If you believe you have problems with certain food types, the most sensible thing to do is have a proper nutrition consultation. More often than not the problem is that you cannot break the foods down properly and it is better to ascertain this first than go down the route of expensive, food intolerance tests. Continue reading »